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Hi, I'm Milly.  In 2004 I received a degree in Psychology with honours in Sociology from Swansea University. For the past 13 years I have worked for the Metropolitan Police Service.  The last 10 years I have worked in safeguarding as an investigator and a service manager.  My background includes Domestic Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Based Violence, Child Abuse, Terrorism (public protection & prevent), Child Sexual Exploitation, Trafficking, Adult & Child Mental Health, Missing people and Vulnerable Adults.    I currently work as a lead safeguarding officer for a London school.

I offer a wide range of consulting and training services, including specialist arbitration, audits and internal investigations.  So whatever your requirements, please feel free to contact me to discuss.


Relevant Qualifications and Positions

  • Specialist arbitrator and National Safeguarding Panel member for Sports Resolution UK
  • Volunteer member of the England and Wales Cricket appeals board
  • Executive Trainer for the Independent Safeguarding Service
  • NSPCC Child Protection Training for Trainers Part 1 and 2
  • Specialist Child Abuse Investigations Development Programme (SCAIDP)
  • Achieving Best Evidence (ABE)
  • Level 2 Professionalising Investigative Programme
  • NPPF Sergeants Exam
  • NPPF Inspectors Exam
  • Tier 2 Specialist Suspects Interviewing
  • Level 4 Qualification Credit Framework in Management
  • Enhanced DBS check



  • Safeguarding reviews and audits
  • Policy Development
  • Internal Investigation Services
  • Designated Safeguarding lead for your organisation
  • General Data Protection Regulation Advice and Support
  • Workshops for young people
  • GDPR - safeguarding my organisation
  • Matrix accreditation preparation
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Safeguarding vulnerable consumers in the financial sector
  • Supporting young people on an EHCP
  • Computer and Internet security
  • Healthy Sexual Relationships (primary and secondary)
  • Safeguarding in sport
  • Understanding Consent (adults and children)
  • Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  • Bullying prevention
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Gangs and County Lines
  • Peer on Peer Abuse
  • Radicalisation/PREVENT (adult and children)
  • British Values
  • Trafficking/Modern Slavery


  • Sexual Health 
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour  
  • Positive Handling (restraining safely)
  • Mental Health Awareness  
  • S47 Joint Investigations
  • Contextual Safeguarding  
  • Missing Persons (care home obligations)
  • Honour Based Violence
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Parents who misuse drugs
  • Domestic Violence (children and adults)
  • Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (children and adults)
  • Safeguarding people with a vulnerability
  • Child Abuse
  • Introduction to Safeguarding Children
  • Advanced Safeguarding Training
  • Designated Safeguarding lead
  • Staying safe online and social media
  • Local Authority Designated Officer
  • Safer Recruiting/Safer Organisation
  • Accurate recording - care homes


  • We recently received training from mawsafeguarding on Challenging Behaviour and Restraint Training. Milly was a first class trainer. Throughout the course she was knowledable-particularly in regard to the law, friendly, a good communicator and made us all feel at ease to share real life experiences that bought the formal training to life. Milly has a calm approach based on her own real life experiences, which, where possible, she was able to share. Milly also offered real world solutions to our real life problems and situations which put us all at ease. The focus was definitely about conflict resolution but we were given simple techniques and protocols to follow should a situation escalate. Milly’s communication during the planning and subsequent follow up discussions has been second to non. Thank you Milly-I  cannot recommend her or her company enough. (Dominic Barnes - Fairplay House Outdoor Education Centre)

  • Myself and my staff are finding your style of training amazing. Big thank you to our trainer and safeguarding officer  Milly Wright-Wildish for a great weekend of training for all our dedicatied team at Serenity Welfare.  Truly an amazing professional approach. Thank you Milly for a very constructive professional training day - (Emily Aklan - CEO Serenity Welfare)

  • This is just a quick message to let you know that the buzz amongst the staff after your sessions was palpable with many requests for ' more please!'. I am sure I will be hoping to book you again for training and for work with students  (Andrea Harvey - Head of Pastoral Care for St Angelas Ursuline School Newham)


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